Reggie Broom Photography | About
I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and although the pursuit of a specialty in pediatric dentistry took me away for several years I decided to return to the area I love so much and make it my home again. My love for photography began in dental school when I purchased my first camera primarily to assist me in the practice of my profession. As I began to photograph different subjects and add lenses to my camera bag I found I was particularly drawn to shooting landscapes because of my enjoyment of the great outdoors and grand vistas.  

The wide open spaces near the Gulf of Mexico with its beautiful sunrises, sunsets, barrier islands and bountiful wildlife influenced my passion for landscape and nature photography.  As I have had the privilege of traveling more I find myself continuing to be drawn to landscapes.  I believe God is the ultimate artist and I use my camera to capture what the Creator has done and then share His glory with others through the medium of photography. Beholding the beauty of His handiwork with my eyes and then capturing it with my camera and converting it to print serves as a reminder of His majesty long after the image has escaped my mind. My photography is simply an attempt to chase after His beauty and hold on to it.

Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy the images I have presented as well as the beauty of the world in which we live. I am humbled by your interest in my work.